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Introducing Our Newest Texas Oil and Gas Investment Opportunity!

Earlier this year, the United States made history by overtaking Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest oil and natural gas producer. All across the country, oil production is soaring, especially here in Texas where local production could exceed the output of every OPEC country but Saudi Arabia (Houston Chronicle, 4/22/14). And experts believe there’s “no end in sight for U.S. oil production boom.” (NY Times, 10/27/14)

The flurry of activity in the oil and gas industry has made a lot of savvy investors very happy. It’s an exciting time for oil and gas investing, and as one recent CNBC article explained, “”The U.S. oil and gas market offers something that virtually no other market in the world does—easy entry for non-traditional investors, who are helping to bolster the capital available for much-needed infrastructure buildout.” (source)

For investors, all of the pieces are falling perfectly into place. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our newest Texas oil and gas investment opportunity – El Lobo #1. With estimated oil reserves of up to 185,418 barrels and up to 321,163 MCF of gas reserves, El Lobo #1 seems poised to be a prolific producer for years to come.

El Lobo #1: The Facts You Need to Know
Whether you’re a seasoned oil and gas investor or considering making your first investment, you know that knowledge is power. You need cold, hard facts to guide your decisions so you can be a disciplined investor.
Here are the key facts you need to know about El Lobo #1 – our newest Texas oil and gas investment opportunity.

Current Information About Our Project

  • Well Name: El Lobo #1
  • Location: Goliad County, Texas
  • Field: Circle B Oil and Gas Field
  • Joint Venture Manager: Wolfpack Oil Company, LLC
  • Well Operator: NBC Oil Company
  • Primary Target: 5,000′ sand
  • Secondary Target(s): 4,950′ sand
  • Total Depth: Vertical 5,500 Ft
  • Estimated Oil Reserves: 92,709 to 185,418 Barrels of Oil*
  • Estimated Gas Reserves: 160,709 to 321,163 MCF gas*
  • Estimated Production Life: 6 to 8 years*
  • Total Units: 95
  • Turnkey Unit Cost: $16,000.00 per unit
  • Total JV Offering: $1,520,000.00
  • Joint Venture Working Interest: 95%
  • Net Revenue Lease: 75%

*These projections are based on current market prices ($95/Bbl. and $3.65 MCF gas) and may vary based on actual production.

Here’s another fact — Drilling for oil and gas has advanced tremendously in recent years. Thanks to the improved technology available to us, we’re now able to assess oil and gas prospects with incredible accuracy. And with our dynamic team of geologists, geophysicists, and engineers who together boast over 100 years of combined experience in developing, drilling, and producing oil and gas wells, we have the resources and knowledge to expertly assess prospects to provide our investors with minimal risk opportunities.
Wolfpack Oil is looking for individuals who would like to participate in Texas oil and gas opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about our latest El Lobo#1 prospect, please fill out the short form on this page to request more information today!
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