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Oil & Gas Investing

Oil and Gas Investment Opportunity!

Oil and Gas Opportunity in Victoria County,
Wolfpack is proud to offer an exciting new oil and gas investment opportunity in
Victoria County, Texas – Joshua Well #1. This new prospect was generated utilizing the latest 3D seismic technology in an established field of production targeting multiple pay zones which gives our investors the highest probability of success. Contact us today for more information.

Reasons to Invest in our current Joint Venture

  • 100% TAX WRITE-OFF
  • 100% W.I. = 73% N.R.I.

Oil and Gas Tax Benefits

Typically investors will be able to write-off the intangible drilling costs the first year which equates to about 70-80% of the initial investment. The remaining balance will be depreciated over the next seven years. Wolfpack is considered a small producer which allows a small portion of the production to be tax free. Click here to read more about oil & gas tax benefits

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